Train to Roots

Train to roots
Since 2004 on the Italian reggae scene, the band is currently one of the most important realities on the national panorama.
The three albums released to date, “Train to Roots”, “Terra e Acqua” and “Terra e Acqua Deluxe Version” are the result of an intense and constant work in the recording studio that permitted Train to Roots to perform on the stages of important international reggae festivals.
The constantly growing band now has an identifiable style but is always in search of new and fresh sonorities, as evidenced by the first three singles of 2010: “Is not a crime”, dedicated to Rototom Sunsplash reggae festival, “Shame”, which has reached almost 200000 views on YouTube through video promotion and “Faya”, distinguished by an engaged sound and a lively rhythm.
In the first week of december 2010 we have released  the new single in Italian language “Il più bel sogno” extracted from Train to Roots new upcoming album “Breathing Faya”, “expected for release in Spring 2011”.

TRAIN TO ROOTS – IS NOT A CRIME (youtube video released in may 2010)

TRAIN TO ROOTS – SHAME (youtube video released in July 2010)

TRAIN TO ROOTS – “FAYA” (youtube video released in November 2010)

TRAIN TO ROOTS – “IL PIU’ BEL SOGNO” (youtube video released in December 2010)

SHAME (MP3 streaming)

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