About us

Reggae Europe is a platform for promoting young unsigned reggae artists, and give them the opportunity to be heard by a wider audience.

Reggae Europe, composed of an international crew,  has been created by a group of reggae lovers who want to help good unsigned authors, composers and singers in the reggae/ragga/dancehall field to get a chance to be heard, to be helped, to be pushed, and to realize their dreams.

Our first funds originate from some international soccer players. These funds have helped the setting of our project, and will help our first artists. The big idea behind all this is to give a hand to good new artists who are still struggling because of no luck or no help.

Also, we plan to better promote reggae in a general way in Europe. We have a dream, and we hope to be able to implement that dream, with the help of the reggae community. We trust the family, the big family of reggae, the unique family of reggae.

This idea started in November 2002, and it took a few years before the first funds could be collected, and before everything could be put in place.

We are aware that the road is long and difficult, like it is for all the artists who are promoted here, and many artists in general. But we have all the energy for that;  this is our MISSION.

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