Christopher George Palmer, 1970, Kingston, Jamaica, West Indies. Palmer was educated in Trenchtown alongside Little Kirk. Both Kirk and Palmer were inspired by the dancehall and nurtured their respective careers performing on the sound systems. Originally performing as Spragga Lexxus, Palmer shortened his name to avoid confusion withSpragga Benz. Lexxus first appeared alongside fellow neophytes Steve Harper and Anthony Green in 1995 with the release of the unsuccessful “Shining Star”. In 1998, Lexxus released “Dancehall Style” that signalled his arrival and his profile as a top ranking ragga DJ was firmly established. He embarked on sessions at King Jammy’s studio where he recorded, “Get Wid It”, that slowly climbed the Star Top 40 in Jamaica. His global distinction was acknowledged when Ward 21released their worldwide reggae number 1 single, “Judgement Day”, that featured Lexxus performing, “Divine Reasoning” on the b-side. The song was performed over a prevalent computer rhythm and its success led to a further combination, “Skettel Night”. His celebrity status was secured with the follow-up “Ring Mi Cellie”. The song was an amusing recitation relating to the popularity of mobile telephones echoing Bounty Killer’s “Cellular Phone”. Other notable releases included the dancehall favourites, “Who” and “Pressure Dem”. His increasing popularity led to a combination with Captain Barkey and Morgan Heritage, “We Are Di Flavour”, and the advisory “Own A Home” and “Cutie” in combination with Thriller U. By the end of the 90s Lexxus had built a considerable following with a constant run of hits including, “Jigga”, “Rather Than”, “Straight Up”, “Holla Holla” and “Wuk Right Away”. In 1999, he joined forces with Elephant Man and Kip Rich to form the Bling Bling Crew.

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