Pow Pow


German Sound System from Cologne in Germany, it was in the mid Eighties when Ingo & Backra first got in touch with dancehallmusic through a friend who brought some soundsystem cassettes with him from Jamaica, after they had already been listening to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and others. They were both fascinated by this raw style of music coming from this small island far away in the caribbean Sea, and became very interested in Jamaican culture. In 1992 Reggaemusic was hard to find in Germany, so they decided to promote Dancehallmusic in their hometown Cologne. They first started to build up their own system and named it “Pow Pow” (after two gunshots, wich marked a salute in dancehalls in Jamaica). In the same year they travelled to Jamaica (together with crewmember and artist Gentleman) to find out more about the music they adore so much. Staying in Mobay first, they got introduced to a veteran sound named “King-a-tone”, wich was a popular set in the early days in Jamaica. One day, the veterans decided to show the “whities” how dancehall used to be and how it started. The veterans got their old set out, and played very rare foundation stuff. It was a unforgetable night for the Germans.

On the same trip Gentleman had his first appearance on stage, entering a talentshow in Mobay (Glen Devon), and he mashed the place together with German singer Chicken George. Before they got back to Germany the first dubplate specials were voiced, and the enthusiasm was big and the roots were set to become a soundsystem of bigger size, and take the music further in their own country. Another big influence was Englands very own “David Rodigan” who was soon invited by thy now called “Pow Pow Movement” including another selector Mr. Brown. People started to follow Pow Pow Movement, and numerous parties made them well known in the country.

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