Sugar Roy

Jamaican DJ Sugar Roy, from Clarendon, records his first title under the Powerhouse label of George Phang.

He starts being popular after singing a duo with Jah Mali:  You can’t fool Jah, but is mostly well known as a producer with his labels Crystal Ball and Fire Ball created in 2002: He was one of the first producers to push the return of One Drop (One drop riddim is a drumset playing style of reggae, popularized by Carlton Barrett (long-time drummer of Bob Marley and the Wailers andThe Upsetters), in which the backbeat is characterized by the dominant snare drum stroke (usually a rim shot) and bass drum kick both sounding on the third beat of every measure in 4/4 time, while beat one is left empty. The high hat becomes the predominant instrument in this style, creating a clean sound that leaves large open musical space for the rhythmic and improvisational contributions of other instruments such as guitar and organ).

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