Bushman is a new roots artist carved out of the same musical tradition as Luciano.

Bushman was born in 1973 in St Thomas, Jamaica. After some hard times in Kingston, Bushman met Steely and Clevie. A capital meeting followed by the releases of different singles such as “Grow Your Natty” and the hit “Call The Hearse”. He released his debut album, “Nyah Man Chant”, on Greensleeves, in 1997. Since this time, the young Bushman has released several albums including “Total Commitment” with the “Fire Bun a Weak Heart” hit and also “Higher Ground” in 2001, both on Greensleeves. 
He’s an artist who, despite of success, is still living in his birthplace parish of St Thomas. Raised in rasta philosophy since the age of 2, he is still spreading positive messages through out his songs.

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