Julian Marley

 Julian Marley has been around music all his life. Born in London in 1975, he has been blessed both by his father’s great talent and legacy and by the unique perspective that comes with an upbringing in a multicultural community. Since recording his first song at age five at the Marley family home in Kingston, Julian has become a skillful, self-taught musician, mastering the bass, drums, and keyboards. In 1989 he released his first album, titled “Uprising” — also the name of his new band. He moved to Jamaica in 1992 and began to work with such reggae veterans as Aston “Family Man” Barrett, Earl “Wire” Lindo, Tyrone Downie and Earl “Chinna” Smith.


       His most recent release, “Lion in the Morning”, is the culmination of his musical development to date, a conscious effort that reflects his growing maturity and musical sophistication. Collaborating on the album with Julian was the Ghetto Youths International production team founded by siblings Stephen and Ziggy. The family connection goes further: it was recorded at the newly renovated Marley Music studio at Hope Road in Kingston, the studio where his father created some of his most important and well-known work. While clearly reflecting his roots and heritage, the album is his however his own testament.

       A veteran performer despite his youth, Julian has performed at Jamaica’s Sumfest and Sunsplash shows, and has toured in Japan, Brazil and Mexico. He and brother Damian were also featured as part of the “Marley Magic” North American tour in 1996. His current tour will include shows throughout the United States. Catch this young dread now at a venue near you.

       With ital rhythms and conscious vibrations, Lion In The Morning not only serves as a testimony to Julian Marley’s growth as a Rasta and a musician, but is reflective of the collaboration with Ghetto Youths International, the production label founded by Steven and Ziggy Marley. The album was recorded at the newly-renovated, forty-eight track Marley Magic studio at Hope Road. The same musical intuitiveness that has earned the Melody Makers several Grammy Awards, flows in abundance in Lion In The Morning. This is a result of Steven Marley’s keen production expertise and creative style, as well as The Ghetto Youths Crew ( Ziggy, Steven, Robert, Rohan, Kimani, Damian, Cedella and Sharon Marley) who provided their guidance and support on various aspects of the album.

       Lion In The Morning’s musical experience begins with the smooth Loving Clear which is the first single and video to be released on the album. The journey continues with Blossoming and Blooming and Julian’s ever powerful testament on the title track Lion in the Morning. Now You Know features the lyrical and versatile deejaying skills of Jr. Gong, and is the perfect prelude for the prophetic, hard-hitting, fiery track Babylon Your Cookie Jar Crumble. The album concludes with When The Sun Comes Up which clearly inspires listeners by declaring that “the light of Jah must show”.

       The King of Reggae, Bob Marley, once said that his music would live on through his children. Julian Marley, an integral part of the Marley legacy, fulfills this prophesy.

       Born in 1975 to Lucy Ponder in London, England, where he lived most of his life, Julian maintains,” I was born in Rasta and in music. This is what I’ve penetrated from creation”. The proficient drummer, bassist, guitarist and keyboardist began studying music professionally, but “They could not teach me fast enough, so I continued on my own by listening and practicing”.

       In London, in Jamaica and while living in Miami, young Julian would ‘jam’ with other musicians. These sessions would take place at his grandmother Cedella Booker’s home, and in Jamaica they would take place in the Marley home or at the Bob Marley Museum. When he moved to Jamaica in 1992, it was from among the many talented musicians at the museum that Julian selected a permanent line-up for his band. Having already written many songs, the band immediately began intensive rehearsing, recording and performing.

       Julian Marley and his new band were soon in popular demand and toured places such as Japan, Paris, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Belize and Brazil. The Jamaican public was resoundingly appreciative of his presentations on the various Bob Marley Birthday Bashes and Sunsplash. His latest performances with brother Damian have left audiences in awe. Despite acquiring the stage experience vital to any performer, he had never before released any recorded material. Julian Marley’s long-awaited debut single Loving Clear has recently been released on the Ghetto Youths International label, and has earmarked him as a newcomer to the recording industry who is destined for greatness.

       For one so young, Julian is undeniably very centered spiritually. This consciousness is made evident in his music. The haunting wail and raw messages that were his father’s signature comes to life with Julian’s style and delivery. The influences of jazz, blues, and even rock contribute to his individual sound. For him, each object, each happening has a place in Life and is part of Life’s plan. “Music is the universal sound that bridges all barriers of language, culture and color”, professes Julian, “It’s all about praising the father”.

(Source: One World Radio TV)

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