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Kenshin Iryo aka Million Stylez. Kenshin Iryo aka Million Stylez was born the first of june 1981 in Stockholm Sweden. He grew up in Sollentuna (a suburb in Stockholm) and has been living there for 26 years. He is half Japanese and half French and grew up mainly with imigrants from every corner of the world. In that way he says he can feel and relate to people from all over. Million started experimenting first with Hip Hop at the young age of nine, writing and recording rap tunes in Swedish on his casette-player. After a couple of years he started to write lyrics in English but it was not until he turned 18 that he moved on to singing and deejaying. He is one out of a few out there that can master so many different styles, such as singing, deejaying and rapping. He never had any schooling but still he feels that nothing can put any boundaries on him musically.
In the summer of 2005 Million Stylez went to the finals in “Big Break” arranged by Irie FM (Jamaicas nr 1 radiostation) and red stripe. It is an annual talent competition for upcoming artists in Jamaica with more than 1200 talented applicants. After liveshows (in St. Elizabeth, Montego Bay and Kingston), TV and radio-interviews he ended up in a honorable fourth place. He was also the only non-Jamaican that ever had participated in the competition until the year after when Natasha (Denmark) even snatched the first prize. May her soul rest in peace…
2006 March 1st saw the release of his first single “Miss Fatty” through German distributor Soundquake, and was their number one selling tune during a long period of time. “Miss Fatty” was also recieved very well by radiostations like Hot97, Shade 45 (eminems sattelite radio) BBC1Xtra, Kiss FM, NRJ, Voice etc. It has also been the number one track on Trace TV/radio that covers over 50 countries around the world. Not to mention all the sound systems and Djs all over the world.The video was shot in Cuba (Santiago de Cuba) and has over 4.000.000 views on youtube so far. It was actually this particular tune that opened up all the doors for him careerwise. The second, third and forth single (Brighter Day, Fade Away and Give me the strength) are more conscious because he feels that it is very much needed in this time we are living in today. The video for “give me the strength” was shot in malmoe (sweden) and is being played in high rotation on TV channels like ZTV at the moment.
Million Stylez released his debut album “From A Far” 2007 on KBC music and it includes everything from roots Reggae, Dancehall and Hip Hop to some R&B influenced songs, there is even a “crunkhall” remix as hidden track (produced by Nordic Steel). Most of the tunes contain conscious lyrics about his gratitude to God the almighty, life struggle, celebration, love and hate, war and peace and generally about all the issues concerning all mankind. His earlier releases have all been spinning in high rotation on Scandinavian networks such as MTV, ZTV, Voice TV, Voice, Enerj, P3, P5 and also on Jamaican networks as RETV, Hype TV, Music+ among others.
Just to mention few of the artists that Million has worked with, there are big stars like Beyoncé, Loon, Smif N Wessun (Gangsters Prayer), Mr Vegas (Beat Drop pt2), Bunji Garlin (King of socca), Loogaman (Dutty cup), Alozade (JA), J-Ro (Tha Alcoholics) and two of Swedens biggest and most respected rappers such as Promoe (Loop Troop Rockers) and Ken Ring. He has also been the opening act for artists like Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Elephant Man, Ne-Yo, Fabolous, Nina Sky, Ryan Leslie, Fatman Scoop, Wayne Wonder, Mr Vegas, TOK, Anthony B, Ward 21, Alozade, Zumjay among others. We can also add to the list that he has recorded a whole heap of dubplates for big soundsystems and selectors like David Rodigan (Britains biggest and most known selector), Mighty Crown (world clash champions from japan), Massive B (Hot 97) who also released millions track “Call His Name” on their riddim “No Borders”, Sentinel (former world champions), Robbo Ranx and Silver Star(BBC 1extra) plus several several more…
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