Retooled, recharged, and “now school,” are words that summarize Ashaka and the RamJamReggae Band. Their groove is “now school,” defined as original, relevant, provocative and controversial at times, but clean. The band members include Ashaka on lead vocal; Kelly Williams on bass; Karl Acon on keyboard; and Doshie Griffin on Drums. These musicians, based in St Louis, Missouri, are leaders in their respective craft. They have all performed with the best of the reggae bands in the Illinois-Missouri bi-state. Ashaka has now joined forces with them to forge what is now the new “now school” reggae band, Ashaka and the RamJamReggae Band. Band member pictures and samples of their music demos are promenintely featured at their official web site: Their newest reggae demo “Muddy Waters” is available for unlimited streaming at their web site. Ashaka and the RamJamReggae Band begin their “now school” reggae journey in Midwest America, but with the advent of the internet and its resources (you tube, my space, etc) they will be reaching the world and you will be able to take this journey with them. You will be able to track their past, current, and upcoming performances; stream and download their new “now school” reggae samples and full-length songs and view their live video performances at Moreover, you will be able to do this from wherever you are in the world. In early May of 2009, the band will be releasing a “now school” reggae single titled, “Ooh! Ooh! Girl!” The single is one of twelve tracks from their forthcoming full-length CD, “The Read Deal.”

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