Cornadoor is a young and talented Reggae artist from Bielefeld / Germany. “Reggae has always been around me !”

Due to his father´s large and well sorted record collection , Cornadoor was infected by the reggae virus in his early childhood. Lots of long journeys to Jamaica and Trinidad & Tobago, first with his family and later on his own, manifested his interest for the music. During his stays, he obtained a deep view into Caribbean culture and the daily hard life on the so called paradise islands, which is characterized by extreme contrasts. All his impressions and the experiences he made are his source of inspiration for his songs and music until today.

Cornadoor presented himself to the reggae audience with guest performances during Sound Quake´s sets at Summer Jam 2008 and Reggae Jam in Bersenbrück. With his fresh and unique style, he left a permanent impression on the patrons.

Meanwhile Cornadoor is working on new songs in his studio and is involved in many national and international productions. His first releases on the new Sound Quake Music label are soon to be released. In the close future, Cornadoor will be on several shows with Sound Quake all over Europe.

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