Known as “The Ambassador of Peace”, Abijah is one of reggae’s most active artists both socially and musically. His single “Revelation”, which appeared on his debut album in 2002, remained on charts in Jamaica for 30 weeks. Over 50 schools across the island in Jamaica have invited Abijah to come speak to their children, as he is a key player in Jamaica’s “Healing of the Nation Program”. His name, ‘Abijah’ is a Hebrew word meaning, “my father is Jahovah”.

Born as Andrew Smith in Kingston, Jamaica, Abijah was first exposed to reggae music as a young child. His father was the drummer in Count Ossie’s band, The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari. Abijah first learned how to play the congo drums by hanging out with his father’s group and later would practice his own songs with the band. Outside of his father’s influence he would also imitate certain dance moves from one of his favorite entertainers, Michael Jackson. One of his first major accomplishments on stage was a victory at a local talent search contest which earned him a slot on the Caribbean Music Expo. 

In the past three years Abijah has skillfully performed on international stages including ‘Summer Jam’ in Germany, ‘Jamaica Sunrise’ in France, and the Sierra Nevada Music Festival in California. Durring that same period Abijah also spoke at Harvard University in the U.S, and Oxford Universty in the U.K. A remix for “Revelation” with Beenie Man has caused both the single and Abijah’s name to expand world wide. Last year in 2005 Abijah struck it big on the international charts with a remake of Bob Marley’s “Sun Is Shinning”.

Abijah has recently been picked up by KRucial Reggae, a Boston based management and promotion company. Led by Kyle Russell, Krucial Reggae plans on furthering Abijah’s development by pushing fresh new singles, launching new videos, and releasing his second album in 2006.

“The greatest gift a man could ever have, and the biggest weapon, is love and forgiveness.” – Abijah

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