Daddy Mory


Samake Mory aka Daddymory aka Dantyras, was born on October 1973 in Paris.  He started music in 1987.

He started singing with his first sound in 1990, “Sundjatasound” and on the same year, participated on the tune “raggajam” in the first album of Mc Solaar.

In 1993, he joined Stand Tall Sound System and in 1995 issued his first album with Raggasonic (200,000 copies)

In 1997, second album with Raggasonic (200000 copies).

In 1999: Genesis  compilation, in 2000: compilation savage, in 2002: compilation axiaa, first solo album; in 2003: “Ma voix resonne”; 2004/2005: world tour (Africa, Polynesia, french Antilles, Europe); 2007: second solo album”reality”; 2008/2009: word tour.

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